Dear Partner,

We would like to draw your kind attention to our electronic invoicing service, which is used by many of our partners with great satisfaction. 

By accepting e-invoices you can enjoy the following benefits instantly:

  • Issued electronic invoices can be viewed and searched in detail for 8 years counted from the date of issuance
    • There is no delay because of physical delivery, invoices are not lost 
    • By accepting e-invoices your company can protect the environment, since following registration we will not issue paper invoices to your company any longer
    • E-invoices issued by Airport Fuel Supply Llc. contain XML attachment, which can easily be imported into your company’s ERP system, thus you can facilitate supplier invoice processing
    • Our e-invoices together with their appendices are also delivered to your e-mail inbox in pdf format instantly after issuance

An electronic invoice contains the same data as a printed invoice. The document thus produced conforms to the legal requirements pertaining to electronic invoices, such as the requirement for affixing an electronic signature to the invoice or the time-stamp certifying the date of issuance, therefore deeming it to be authentic in electronic form. E-invoice acceptance and processing do not require extra development and do not imply any extra cost for your company.

If you have questions about electronic invoicing please do not hesitate to contact us at e-mail address. If you give us your phone number we will contact you.

If our offer raised your interest and serves your needs and if you wish to receive e-invoices from us in the future, please fill in the form that can be found on the following link:

1. E-invoice acceptance declaration form 
2. Digital signature import process 
3. Users’ Handbook 
4. E-invoice service provider contact details 

We hope that you will also use our service with great satisfaction. 

Yours sincerely,

Airport Fuel Supply Llc. /
Repülőtéri Üzemanyag Kiszolgáló Kft.